Tuesday, June 2, 2015

1 Year Reunion

Thank you to all Project Earth members over the past 9 years.  This club has been one of the best things about teaching at Bay High School.  It allowed me to work with the cream of the BHS crop.  You guys are awesome!!

So many of you just graduated and will be missed.  It would be awesome to get the group back together in 1 year so that I can hear how you are doing, how college is going, and to keep the friendships that you have built through this club strong.  So here is my proposal . . .

Saturday, June 4, 2016
Holiday Valley's Sky High Adventure (awesome ropes course)
Ellicottville, NY (about 3.5 hrs. from BHS)

Click HERE to learn more about Sky High Adventures

Come for the day or camp out.  Details (time, cost, etc) will be posted here as the date gets closer.

RSVP's required by May 1st, 2016.  Email me at sutterlinfieldcourse@gmail.com


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Meeting 26: Tuesday, May 19th

1. Bike To School Closing Event:  We need to distribute passes to participants who biked 10+ days.  Tickets will be available at lunch on Friday.  The following volunteers will hand out passes and help set up the stadium during lunches.

3A: Joe A and Lily P
3B: Jordann S and Anna W
3C: Veronica S-P and Ian J (?)

2. Locker Clean Outs: We will facilitate locker clean outs next week.  Volunteers will put recycle signs on canisters in the hallways and encourage people to sort their locker contents in to recyclable and trash.

2nd Floor during QRP Tuesday, May 26th: Veronica S-P, Ian J, Austin V, Lily P, Rachel B
1st Floor during QRP Thursday, May 28th: Veronica S-P, Ian J, Austin V, Lily P

3. Last Club Meeting next Tuesday, May 25th!  WE'RE HAVING A PARTY TO CELEBRATE THE SENIORS!  Food and drinks can be dropped of in Mrs. Sutterlin's room at any time!  Mrs. Sutterlin will be bringing a cake!  See you all then!

4. Waterways Clean Up:  On Saturday, May 30th we will host the last Project Earth Event of the School Year.  Bring your friends and family!  We will meet at Bay Middle School at 10:30 to set up.  The event will run from 11:00 - 2:00.  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!  We need club members to help set up materials, lead the groups at each clean up location, and collect data on the number of bags filled at each location.  Ask your teachers if they are offering any extra credit for this event.

Volunteers: Veronica S-P, Anna W, Ian J, Lily P

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Meeting 25: April 20th

Meeting 25: April 20th

As the school year winds down, we have a few events left to plan and implement. The next events on the Project Earth agend are the Bike Fair and the Bike to School Challenge.

April 30th (Thursday) QRP Announcers: we will need members of the club to visit all of the QRP classrooms to make announcements for the upcoming Bike Fair and especially the Bike to School Challenge. We need to promote the Bike to School Challenge and encourage students to participate. We need to describe the challenge, the prizes for the raffles and rewards for riding, as well as the BIG closing event CELEBRATION for those that ride often during the challenge. See your senior officers and Mr. Assad for details and signing up for announcement duty.
Current club members already signed up: Lydia, Anna, Rachel, Jordann and Mark.

April 30th (Thursday) Bike Fair: at the middle school, from the hours of 6-7:30 in the evening, the Bike Fair will take place. Project Earth will be involved in running most of the tables for the event. We need volunteers and members to be highly involved.
Current members volunteered: Bridget, Lydia and Chris.
See Mr. Assad or senior officers to make your committment.

**** Empty tissue boxes are needed for the raffle of the prizes. Please save them and drop them off to room 215.

May 1st Tricycle Races(Lunch): we will have tricycle races for students during the three lunch periods to kick off Bike to School Challenge. We need members to run the races.
3A- Lydia, Lily, Bridget M.,  Emma G.
3B- Anna, Jordann and Emma G.
3C- Veronica, Lily, Assad
*** we need more involvement here.

Bike To School Challenge official start: May 4th, running through May 22nd.
- prizes for the raffle include 10 different prize packages, additional info forthcoming.
- closing event celebration and party with games and food at the end.
- students must ride 10 days to attend party, additional info forthcoming.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Meeting 24

March 9, 2015

It has been announced that Arbor Day has been cancelled for this year. This is unfortunate news and disappointing but we hope to be able to make it happen for next year and the years to come.

Moving forward, we are now shifting our focus on the Bike to School Challenge. We are currently brainstorming ideas for the closing event of the program. The objective is to create an event that is joyous, fun, and designed to celebrate those that made the efforts to be engaged in the entire Bike to School experience. The senior officers and other club members have already come up with some excellent ideas that we need to further develop and choose which we will implement during the closing celebration.

Other news on the Bike to School Challenge will be forthcoming in the near future as we move closer to the starting date. Stay posted and remember to check this blog regularly and subscribe to receive updates as they are posted. Meetings are still being held in room 215(ASSAD) until further notice.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Meetings 22 and 23- March 2nd

Meetings 22 and 23- March 2nd

Topics Discussed
1. Arbor Day
2. Bike to School, Bike Fair and other associated events.
3. Final waterways cleanup.

Specifically, we are looking for a final event to really finish Bike to School with a bang. We need some good ideas to really give people incentive to be heavily involved and engaged in riding to school. We will give out the gift baskets and rewards for the frequent riders but we want to make more people get into the Bike to School challenge.

We will discuss the middle school Bike to School tables in the future. Senior officers will coordinate the formatting.

Important Dates: Please take note of these dates for future reference.
April 24th- Arbor Day
April 30th- Bike Fair
May 4th- Bike to School Start
May 22nd- Closing Event
May 23rd- Waterways clean-up

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Club Update

The Westerly Program was a great time! The 4th graders had fun and all that participated had a blast. Thanks to all involved.

Moving forward, the next events to be planned are:
1. Arbor Day on April 24th
2. Bike to School starting the week of May 4th.
3. The second Waterways Cleanup on Saturday May 23.

In preparation, the officers have been working diligently to help arrange for the event. T-shirt design has been selected and at the next meeting we should have more updates on the event. Please mark the dates on your calenders, plan accordingly.

Picture Day for Group/Cub Pictures
- See Mr. Assad for a pass to be excused from your 3A class. Our time slot for photos is on Thursday at 11:05.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Meeting 21 Tuesday 3rd

Thanks to the snow day on Monday, we held our meeting on Tuesday of this week. With the 4th grade program fast approaching, club members have been working hard to make sure everything is ready for Westerly. Everything needs to be ready by next Wednesday. At the meeting, we tested out the Wilmington Race game that replaced Family Feud as the trivia game for the 4th graders. We also tested the trough for the boats. If possible, members should bring in more materials for the crafts group. We need more cardboard for next week so please bring in some if you have any laying around.